Visual Information Technology Laboratory

Let’s make interesting systems with images

Have you ever thought “it would be nice to do such a thing by using images”? At our laboratory, we basically accept any research topic of your liking as long as it concerns images. Our students conduct research to realize their ideas by retouching images, making measurements using images and making systems recognize images like those of humans. Let’s make interesting systems together!
Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name
Academic Society
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
The Japanese Society of Medical Imaging Technology
The Japanese Society of Pathology
Image recognition, Human interfaces, Medical engineering, Image processing, Visual information processing, Artificial intelligence , Neurosystems, Human interactions, Software

Study Fields

Information engineering
Processing of perception data
Medical bioengineering

For Society

Image processing application systems are practically used for product inspection and personal authentication. With the development of deep learning, autonomous driving and other systems that replace humans’ carrying out the specific operations are being realized, indicating the great changes to come in the society.

Research Themes