Software Engineering Lab

Let's develop the software that surrounds us efficiently, conveniently, and safely

We live surrounded by the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), not only smartphones but also smart speakers, home automation devices, etc. We get services provided by software in various ways. Automobiles are also made of enormous software. Developing software efficiently, conveniently, and safely is impossible without using engineering methods such as UML-based development methodologies. In this laboratory, we are conducting research to develop software efficiently and with high quality.
Affiliation Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name HISAZUMI, Kenji
Academic Society Information Processing Society of Japan, ACM
Keyword Software Engineering,Model-Driven Development,MATLAB/Simulink,Programming Language

Study Fields

Software Engineering

For Society

The use of software is expanding every year. The importance of technology to develop efficient and high-quality software is increasing.  We provide useful technology to the industries through research and help students acquire skills useful through education.

Research Themes

Research on model-driven development using UML