Advanced Communication Design Laboratory

Inventing (designing) communication of the future

It is fun to chat with people, and the use of voice is the best to convey one’s intentions and feelings. So it will be so convenient if we can casually engage in verbal communication with computers and robots. Our laboratory studies the technologies of media content processing and generating and encoding technologies—mainly verbal language interfaces, but also other broad areas—and their communication methods. We will invent (design) communication of the future based on comfortable-to-use networks, which allow anybody to manipulate multimedia as desired.
Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name
MANO, Kazunori
Academic Society
Acoustical Society of Japan
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Voice, Information and communication technology (ICT), Artificial intelligence, Signal processing, Multimedia, Man-machine interfaces, Acoustics, Human interfaces, Robots

Study Fields

Information engineering
Communication engineering
Vocal engineering
Intelligence engineering
System engineering

For Society

We will study high-quality vocal and audio communication; vocal synthesis/recognition/dialogue systems; technologies to compress and search a large volume of multimedia data; generating and editing multimedia contents; and their applications in e-learning.

Research Themes