Laboratory of Organic Synthesisand Medicinal Chemistry

Searching for chemical compounds to create new drugs

With the number of people suffering from cancer, osteoporosis and other aging-related diseases rising dramatically in Japan, extending people’s healthy life expectancy and improving their quality of life have become important goals. Our laboratory focuses on brain diseases, which are a major disease category in the 21st century, in the search for synthesized chemical compounds to use in drugs for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Affiliation Bioscience and Engineering - Bioscience Cource
Faculty Name SUHARA, Yoshitomo
Academic Society The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Vitamin Society of Japan
American Chemical Society
Keyword Dementia, Drug development, Organic synthesis, Alzheimer’s disease

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One of our goals is being able to regenerate cranial nerves. This could lead to an effective treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, which has so far eluded the medical profession.


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