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Natto (fermented soybeans), a common item on Japanese dining tables, is rich in vitamin K. We know this nutrient, but the details of how it is used by the body remain unclear. Our laboratory is analyzing the body’s metabolic mechanisms for vitamin K and other fat-soluble vitamins through a molecular biological approach, as well as evaluating the role of fat-soluble vitamins in treating osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments associated with aging.

Affiliation Bioscience and Engineering - Bioscience Cource
Faculty Name HIROTA, Yoshihisa
Academic SocietyThe Japanese Biochemical Society
The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Vitamin Society of Japan
Keyword Molecular nutritional science, Drug development, Genetic modification, Brain neurodegenerative diseases, Bone diseases, Enzymes, Metabolism, Fat-soluble vitamins

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By studying and understanding biochemical approaches from cell culturing to animal experiments, our graduates are prepared to play active roles at pharmaceutical companies, food companies and other life science-related businesses.

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