Biofluid Science and Engineering Laboratory

Elucidating cardiovascular physiological phenomena and apply them to medical new technologies

Our laboratory currently researches cardiovascular physiology, for examples, blood flow mechanism, thrombus formation mechanism, functions of blood cells and plasma proteins, angiogenesis, oxygen transport, autonomic nerves, new diagnostics method of blood cells, optimal treatment strategy of medical devices, etc. In order to research such themes, we apply Engineering technology, such as manufacturing, motion control technology, 3DCAD, fluid dynamics theory, flow visualization, optical measurements, image analysis, and medical and biological research methods, etc.
Affiliation Bioscience and Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Cource
Faculty Name WATANABE, Nobuo
Academic Society Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
Japanese Society of Biorheology
The Society of Life Support Engineering
European Society for Artificial Organs
The International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support(ISMCS)
Biophysical Society
Keyword Medical engineering, Artificial organs, Fluid mechanics, Cardiovascular physiology, Blood circulation

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We conduct research on biology from engineering approaches, such as the use of microscopes, fluid mechanics, machine designing and processing, mechanical motion control, measurements, high-speed cameras, and image analyses. What students take up during research activities will help develop various technologies in society.

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