Applied Brain Science Laboratory

Helping improve mental health and performances by visualizing how the brain works

It is now becoming possible to visualize how the human brain works under everyday environment, as measurement technologies are making a dramatic advancement. Our laboratory is attempting to understand how the human brain or mind works by using brain function imaging technologies, biometry technologies, and psychological approaches. By applying knowledge obtained from this research, we aim to develop technologies to assist people in retaining mental health and engaging in smooth communication with others. We are also in the middle of developing mental training methods to improve learning and sports performances.

Affiliation Bioscience and Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Cource
Faculty Name SATO, Hiroki
Academic Society The Japan Neuroscience Society
Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Keyword Cognitive science, Psychology, Biological information, Human-robot interaction, Brain-computer interface (BCI), Neurophysiology, Near-infrared spectroscopy, Emotion analyses

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For Society

Using our brain science knowledge, we aim to improve the quality of life of people—from babies to the elderly.

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