Welfareand human engineering

Aiming to provide welfare equipment tailored to each person’s needs

It is necessary to design welfare devices and equipment by tailoring them according to each person’s body shape and physical and mental abilities because, after all, these are the individuals who will use these devices. Furthermore, we have recently seen an expansion in universal designs to ensure that everyone, irrespective of whether they are handicapped, can use equipment with ease. Our laboratory is currently conducting research on welfare devices to tailor them to each person’s requirements, as well as to provide a doctor-friendly surgery assistance system.

Affiliation Bioscience and Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Cource
Faculty Name HANAFUSA, Akihiko
Academic Society The Society of Life Support Engineering
The Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
Keyword Human engineering, Medical engineering, Human interface, Handicapped

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For Society

In addition to manufacturing welfare equipment for the handicapped, we aim to make various daily-use equipment and devices, which are easy to use.

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