Micro Robotics Laboratory

Small but clever robots modeled after insects

In a small world, gravity is weaker but such elements as friction and surface tension become stronger. This is why small creatures can easily jump from high places and walk on walls. Insects successfully live in such a small world, thanks to their effective compound eye, sensory hair and other functions. Insects can, therefore, be useful models for small machines. We aim to produce microrobots by imitating the body structure and nervous system of insects and by fusing MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) – a micromachine technology – with mechatronics.
Engineering Science and Mechanics
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Academic Society
IEEE Roboticsand Automation Society
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Robotics Society of Japan
Micromachines, Mechatronics, Robots

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Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering

For Society

Microrobot applications are expected to include the inspection and repair of plumbing or narrow places where people cannot reach, and environment surveys of wide areas in planetary exploration. Also, many reasonably priced robots with the sole function of searching for people could be used in disaster-hit sites.

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