Intelligence Information Processing Laboratory

Applying computer simulations of human abilities 

We use image processing and machine learning in our research. For example, we have used image processing to study flying robots that can travel autonomously indoors, and put computers through machine learning before having them play video games. The development of new learning methods for artificial intelligence is another topic of our research. We aim to apply the technologies we study and develop to meet society’s needs and understand how people think.
Engineering Science and Mechanics
Faculty Name
Academic Society
Information Processing Society of Japan
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engieers (IEICE)
Artificial intelligence, Robots, Image processing

Study Fields

Information science, Computer science and engineering, Electronic engineering, Electrical engineering

For Society

The results of our research can be applied to technologies that make it easy for non-experts to manipulate robots that carry out tasks for people and “smart” household appliance systems.

Research Themes