Nano-Micro Advanced Science & Technology Laboratory

Developing fluid machines and machines that can work with tiny amount of energy

A popular science fiction story written decades ago depicted humans and a submarine that were reduced to a microscopic size and traveled inside a human body. Nanotechnologies have been researched intensively in recent years, and their results need to be applied for developing fluid machines and machines that can be operated with miniscule amounts of energy. The diverse range of applications includes chemical processes and microenergy systems. Our laboratory researches flow, heat transfer and diffusion phenomena inside microchannels and cooling systems using fine heat pipes, in addition to studying how fine air bubbles behave.
College of Engineering
Engineering Science and Mechanics
Faculty Name
ONO, Naoki
Academic Society
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Heat Transfer Society of Japan
The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan
Micromachines, Fluid dynamics, Nanotechnology

Study Fields

 Mechanical engineering, Applied physics, Energy engineering

For Society

We conduct basic research, as well as practical development, of micro thermal fluid technologies, which could be used to determine a person’s health by applying a single drop of blood on a chip and to effectively cool small semiconductor devices.

Research Themes