Combustion Laboratory

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The combustion phenomena are closely associated with and used by human beings, and thermal energy generated by the combustion phenomena are used in different forms of energy. Although the ever-increasing energy consumption is producing serious environmental issues, we have no choice but to depend on hydrocarbon fuels as our main energy supply. Our laboratory has been conducting basic research on the combustion phenomena in order to make effective use of our limited and precious resources.
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
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Academic Society
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Combustion Society of Japan
The Combustion Institute
Dynamic force, Combustion, Next-generation energies, Engines, Environment

Study Fields

Mechanical engineering, Environmental engineering, Energy engineering

For Society

Our research achievements are helping an improvement in the fuel consumption rate and in the hazardous combustion waste control of automotive engines and gas turbines. Graduates from this laboratory have gained employment with auto manufacturers (e.g. Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Subaru Corporation, and Suzuki Motor Corporation).

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