Fluid Power and Fluid Application Laboratory

Applying various fluid properties and capabilities to the engineering field

We research applications of various fluid properties and capabilities, such as in chemical reactions, power generation using fluid power, or for transporting heat or substances. We also conduct basic research on the mechanical properties of highly viscous fluids and aerosols (the colloidal suspension of particles in air or gas). Through our research and development in environment- and energy-related areas, we aim to develop technologies that can be widely used in society.
Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Name
SUWA, Yoshihide
Academic Society
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology
The Japan Institute of Energy
New energy, Indoor environment, Numerical analyses, Environmental pollution, Aerosols, Air purification

Study Fields

Mechanical engineering, Environmental engineering, Energy engineering

For Society

Developing power-generation technologies is essential to address the world’s energy issues. Results of our research on chemical reaction phenomena have been applied to technologies that deal with atmospheric and indoor environment pollution, in semiconductor production processes and other areas in advanced industries.

Research Themes