Laser and Optical Engineering Laboratory

Constructing a complex micro-structure with an ultra short pulse laser

Lasers are a new light source that humans created. It can realize things that are impossible to be realized using traditional light sources. One feature of this light is that it can penetrate into transparent materials. Furthermore, laser lights can narrow down to the range of light wavelengths (not exceeding 1 micrometer). We are conducting research on processing inside transparent materials and on moving objects inside by taking advantage of laser properties.
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Name
MATSUO, Shigeki
Academic Society
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Laser Society of Japan
Japan Laser Processing Society
Laser, Micromachines, Nanotechnology

Study Fields

 Optics, Microengineering, Applied physics

For Society

Applying internal processing technology of glass substrates in fluid analysis of chips for checking water quality and blood is being considered. Furthermore, this technology is expected to pave way for more applications that are believed to be impossible to be made using conventional plane-type devices.

Research Themes