Bio micro fluidics Laboratory

Realizing environment for optimum cell culture using an integrated microfluid 

Cells have been used earnestly for medical care such as in regenerative medicine in recent years, and cell culture process has been growing complex. We are developing an integrated microfluid system that can be described as an “integrated circuit for liquids”. This will contribute to the realization of an advanced cell culture with a single chip. We are developing a fluid control system with a wide operating range of pericellular fluid dynamic parameters that is also compact in size and easy-to-use in addition to a peripheral system for the long-term maintenance of cell culture.
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Name
FUTAI, Nobuyuki
Academic Society
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems
Microfluid technology, Micromechatronics, Biochips, Medical engineeringRegenerative medicine, Cell engineering, Biosensors, Micromachines

Study Fields

Mechanical engineering, Microfluidics, Biomedical engineering

For Society

A device that can reproduce, under a microscope, the complex structures and functions of cells generation in vivo will be useful in conducting research to find new methods to fight serious diseases such as cancer as well as in research studies on regenerating complex organs.

Research Themes