Granular Dynamics Laboratory

Developing machinery for handling grains

There are all kinds of grains around us, such as sand and salt, and many machines are used to handle the grains that are present around us. However, the need for handling these grains more smoothly and quickly has become more pronounced in recent times. Our laboratory conducts research on developing machines that apply electrostatic forces on grains or vibrating them, which are much easier to operate than existing ones.
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Name
SAEKI, Masato
Academic Society
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
The Society of Powder Technology, Japan    
Mechanics, Recycling, Recycle-based society

Study Fields

Mechanical engineering, Recycle engineering

For Society

We are currently conducting the joint development of equipment for separating foreign objects from food for a company. This equipment is expected to be useful in the food industry. We are also collaborating with different companies.

Research Themes