Health and Human Performance Laboratory

Scientific insights into human exercise

When people do exercise or play sport, their physical condition changes in various ways. Good changes help build physical strength and prevent lifestyle diseases. But if the physical demands of such activities exceed a person’s physiological limits, they trigger extreme fatigue and disorders, factors that can cause injuries. Our laboratory analyzes how physical functions respond to body movements and physical activity. The results are used for promoting good health, elucidating causes of injuries and disorders, and crafting measures to prevent injuries.
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
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Academic Society
Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
American college of sports medicine
International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics
Biomechanics, Biological information and measurements, Locomotive organs, Sports science, Morphometry

Study Fields

Sports and health science

For Society

We examine how sports and exercise can trigger injuries, which will lead to effective preventive measures.

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