Solid Mechanics Laboratory

A challenge to all kinds of unknown problems

In recent years, the materials used in machines and structures are becoming increasingly sophisticated due to demands for use under extreme environments (in space, under high temperature, under high pressure) and for high performance (micronization, weight reduction, longer life). In order to use the materials safely, expanding the knowledge about these materials and understanding the phenomena that occur to these materials in the form of tests and experiments are necessary. Our laboratory carries out research related to material fracture based on solid mechanics by conducting studies on deformation and strength.
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Name
SAKAUE, Kenichi
Academic Society
Society for Experimental Mechanics
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japan Society for Experimental Mechanics
Japan Society for Composite Materials
Mechanics, Composite materials, Image measurements, Simulations

Study Fields

Mechanical engineering, Material mechanics, Experimental mechanics, Computational dynamics

For Society

We have been studying topics related to the destruction of materials. The research conducted on fracture phenomena has enabled us to work out measures to prevent such destruction. The research achievements in this field have helped in designing various kinds of products and the prevention of accidents associated with these products.

Research Themes