Laboratory of Applied Photochemistry

Contributing to energy and medical areas with new nanocarbon materials

We are combining nanocarbon substances such as fullerene, carbon nanotube and grapheme with metal nanoparticles to produce rubbers and resins that conduct electricity and heat, in addition to molecules that convert light into electricity or produce active oxygen through light. Our laboratory conducts research based on the belief that we can produce supramolecules or clusters of molecules. Such supramolecules will be used in medicine in order to treat different types of cancer through light, as well as solar cells and satellite materials in order to dissipate heat or conduct electricity.
Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
KONISHI, Toshifumi
Academic Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Japanese Photochemistry Association All rights reserved
American Chemical Society
Medicine, Solar cells, Composite materials

Study Fields

Life science
Applied chemistry
Materials science and engineering

For Society

Our graduates are engaged in research and development at companies in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, appliances, materials, chemistry, food, environment and education, among others. Moreover, some of them have found jobs in supermarket chains and companies making equipment and facilities for power generation and transmission. Besides, many students opt to study at a post-graduate level.

Research Themes