Advanced Materials Laboratory

Honing creativity and engaging in sustainable, responsible actions

Our laboratory is utilizing simple, low-cost, and eco-friendly processes to develop technologies to control the wettability of material surfaces, create materials to enhance the functions of secondary batteries, and make lightweight metal materials such as aluminum and magnesium more functional. Moreover, we are developing a production process for new carbon materials.
Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
ISHIZAKI, Takahiro
Academic Society
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
The Japan Institute of Light Metals
The society for solid-state and electrochemical science and technology
Next-generation energy materials, Carbon materials, Surface treatment, Energy-saving, Battery materials

Study Fields

Materials science and engineering
Surface engineering

For Society

Through our research activities, we will help improve energy conservation and reduce CO2 emissions by creating self-cleaning glass, extending the usable time of batteries by improving their performances, and enhancing gas mileage by making automobiles lighter.

Research Themes