Nanomaterial Engineering Laboratory

 Electron microscope and nanomaterials

Currently, we are conducting research on nanomaterials based on electron microscopic technologies. The main topics of our research are (a) the development of methods to create nanomaterials, (b) the evaluation of the structural and physical properties of nanomaterials and (c) the exploration of new methods to use an electron microscope. Moreover, we are conducting joint research with outside research institutions and other universities.
Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
SHIMOJO, Masayuki
Academic Society
The Japanese Society of Microscopy
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
Nanotechnology, Electron microscope, Nanomaterials

Study Fields

Materials science
Nanomaterials science and engineering
Electron microscopy

For Society

Using quantum effects, miniaturizing electron devices or sensors will not only result in higher density and sensitivity but also lead to the development of devices using the quantum effects. To this end, we are studying the technologies that can create, observe and measure nanostructures in the materials.

Research Themes