Materialschemistry Laboratory

 Corrosion is a doctor of metals

Although our research is primarily based on electrochemistry and corrosion science, we also conduct research on how to practically use innovative materials for the betterment of society without being shackled by these academic fields. Our laboratory strongly believes that curiosity is a bridge to acquiring knowledge, and it aims to provide a place where students can enjoy learning and accumulate further knowledge together. Our laboratory hopes that, through research activities, students will become human resources who can positively contribute to society.
Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
NODA, Kazuhiko
Academic Society
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
The Electrochemical Society of Japan
Alloys, Fuel cells, Surface treatment

Study Fields

Materials science and engineering

For Society

Our laboratory is helping society attain safety and peace of mind by elucidating the mechanism of corrosions—which occur when materials are placed under certain environments—and by discussing measures to fight corrosions.

Research Themes