Biomolecular Chemistry Laboratory

 Creating new materials by fusing the powers of life and chemistry

We are making organic molecules useful to society through our efforts to design and make new synthesized molecules. Specifically, we are developing (a) a new method to synthesize artificial DNAs, (b) sensors to detect oxidative stress inside the cells through artificial DNAs, (c) the swift synthesis of value-added molecules using bioreactors and (d) probes to selectively distinguish between the cells.
Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
HATANO, Akihiki
Academic Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Enzymes, DNA, Organic syntheses

Study Fields

Applied chemistry

For Society

We have already succeeded in swiftly and easily synthesizing value-added drugs with the use of bioreactors. Moreover, some of them are already in use after a reagent maker applied for the patents.

Research Themes