Materials Design Laboratory

Creating next-generation metal materials designed at the atom level

Metal materials are indispensable for the social infrastructure. Therefore, we aim to make novel metal materials that are equipped with high functions by designing and controlling the microstructure of these materials at the level of atom. Specifically, we are designing light-weight alloys, such as aluminum and magnesium alloys, for automobiles. Moreover, we are developing medical-use zirconium alloys, which can be detected through an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan. Thus, we are trying to create new materials whose properties are superior to those of the existing ones.
College of Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
Academic Society
The Japan Institute of Light Metals
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
The Japanese Society for Biomaterials
Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
Non-ferrous metals, Energy-saving, Automobiles, Alloys, Biomaterials, Layer manufacturing technology, Crystal growth, Recycling-based society, Low carbon society

Study Fields

Materials science and engineering
Metal Engineering

For Society

We aim to help solve pressing social challenges, such as those related to energy-saving and Japan’s graying society, through the creation of custom-made materials, the properties and shapes of which are controlled as desired. Moreover, we are trying to develop technologies in collaboration with car makers and other entities for practical use in the society.

Research Themes