Information and media education research lab

Design of teaching and learning for the future from the viewpoint of informatics

Education and ways of learning are about to undergo major changes, as evident from the introduction of online learning and education informatization. In addition, artificial intelligence is expected to be adopted in education. However, it raises a new issue, which is a concern that we can leave most of our decisions to the computer. In my research lab we study and design teaching and learning for the future from an informatics viewpoint.
Affiliation Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name OHASHI, Yutaro
Academic Society Information Processing Society of Japan, Japanese Society for Engineering Education, IEEE
Keyword education,information,media,informatization of education,AI and education,learning

Study Fields

Information education, media education, engineering education

For Society

I believe that we can upgrade education and the schools that have not maintained the current social change by reframing them from an informatics viewpoint.

Research Themes