Applied Informathematics Laboratory

Mathematics of grouping (clustering) and its applications

Clustering (cluster analysis) involves the grouping of voluminous data jumbled together according to their similarities. Our laboratory researches new automatic clustering methods and their application in enabling calculators to group big, complicated data that human being cannot handle, in a meticulous way that is akin to manual grouping. The photo on the right shows the PC monitor of one of our students working on graduation research, who is taking a nap beside it. Is he going to work throughout the night again?
Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name
Academic Society
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Data mining, Optimization techniques, Fuzzy clustering, Algorithms, Pattern recognition, Theories, Data analyses, Machine learning, Computer simulations

Study Fields

Information science
Information engineering
Communication engineering

For Society

Clustering has been applied to the classification of news in Google News, the recommendation system of Amazon’s web shops and the search of communities in social networking services.

Research Themes