Information and Communication Network Laboratory

What is an information network that encourages cooperative behaviors in people?

Conventional systems are designed on the premise that people act “selfishly” in using apps they like at times of their own choice. However, in reality, people tend to change their behaviors depending on situations and circumstances. For example, they avoid using a system when they know it is congested. Our laboratory focuses on “altruistic” behaviors of people in the real world and aims to establish a method through which humans and system controllers can work cooperatively.
Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name
MIYATA, Sumiko
Academic Society
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Networks, People-friendly technologies, Communication quality control, Numerical analyses

Study Fields

Communication engineering
Information engineering
Information security

For Society

This technology is being considered for application in a system that allows efficient communications in, for instance, confirming the safety of one’s family or friends at the time of an earthquake or other disasters, when limited communication networks (only allowing emergency communication) are available.

Research Themes