Laboratory for Life and Law

Matters related to life and law are not somebody else’s problems

Ethical issues related to life arise as technologies make a rapid advancement in modern society. Our laboratory conducts research on such ethical issues from legal perspectives. For example, we study prenatal diagnosis, assisted reproduction, brain death/organ transplant, and terminal care by comparing Japan’s legal situation with those of France and other nations. We also examine issues related to intellectual property (patent, utility model patent, design right, trademark and copyright, etc.) on a global scale.
Information and Communications Engineering
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Academic Society
Japan Association for Bioethics
Japanese Association of Medical Law
Japan Society of Comparative Law
Medical care, Law, Life ethics ,Regenerative medicine, Handicapped, Biotechnologies, Medical information, Intellectual properties

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In societal life, laws are not rigid rules but flexible tools to coordinate human relationships. Our graduates have obtained national professional licenses, advanced to the post-graduate level, or have jobs in the field of intellectual property.

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