Wireless Communications Network Laboratory

Developing wireless communication networks for safety and peace of mind

We are conducting research and development pertaining to basic technologies to build flexible wireless communication networks, which will help boost safety and bring peace of mind to people. Our laboratory undertakes the research and development of technologies essential to building self-distributed wireless networks, which will help ensure smooth communication between people and between robots. We also examine perspectives regarding what kinds of information are needed during situations of disasters and what kinds of technologies are needed to convey such information.T
Affiliation Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name GYODA, Koichi
Academic Society IEEE
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Institute of Social Safety Scienece
Keyword Disaster-resistant networks, Safety, peace of mind, Computer simulations, Vehicle-to-vehicle communications, Networks, Disaster preparedness, Robots, Wireless, I formation and communication technologies (ICT)

Study Fields

Communication engineering
Information engineering
Electronic engineering

For Society

Research is being conducted on the automatic formation of a network between mobile terminals even when it becomes difficult to connect to the existing communication networks during a major disaster. Such a technology will help boost safety and bring peace of mind to people.

Research Themes