Acoustic Information Laboratory

Let’s create a comfortable soundspace with an active noise canceller

We are aiming to realize the noise control of multi-channels, which changes parameters depending on situations, in order to create a comfortable soundspace. It is important to make measurements to pinpoint the position of a sound source or sound transmission paths since, in closed space, direct sounds from the sound source are superimposed with reflected sounds, creating complicated signals. It is, however, possible to erase the noise by generating antiphase sounds through an adoptive control with the full use of a computer exceled at calculations to maintain the optimal sound condition.
Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name
MUTO, Kenji
Academic Society
Acoustical Society of Japan
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan
Acoustic,Speakers,Signal processing,Noise,Hearing,

Study Fields

Communication engineering
Information engineering
Electrical engineering
Electronic engineering

For Society

Headphones that erase the sound of the engine inside a plane and telephones that allow conversation without putting the receiver close to your ear are all equipped with a small computer that conducts digital signal processing, such as the measurement of sound fields and control of sounds.

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