Relativity and Cosmology Laboratory

Trying to understand the essence of spacetime with the general theory of relativity

The general theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein predicted the presence of black holes and the Big Bang, which is said to have marked the origin of the universe. In recent years, we saw the emergence of the superstring theory, which says that spacetime is not four dimensional but has 10 dimensions; as a result, much attention is being paid to theories on higher dimensional black holes. Our laboratory is trying to learn the essence of spacetime using the general theory of relativity and AdS/CFT (anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence related to gauge and gravity) handling, which is born out of the superstring theory.
Information and Communications Engineering
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MAEDA, Kengo
Academic Society
The Physical Society of Japan
Mathematical science, Physics, Theories

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Students at our laboratory learn the basics of the general theory of relativity in their fourth year. Some of them have advanced to the graduate schools of other universities to study astrophysics.

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