Discrete Mathematics Labolatory

Let’s explore the wonders of points and lines

We conduct research on the graph theory or the structure of shapes connected by several points and sides. For example, a shape called “graph” can be regarded as an abstract of a route map if we assume stations as “points” and routes as “sides.” This theory is applied to various mathematical sciences and engineering tasks and serves as one of the most basic computer science theories. We are also studying about how efficiently we can stuff things into a container while developing mathematics teaching materials.
Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name
MATSUDA, Haruhide
Academic Society
The Mathematical Society of Japan
American Mathematical Society
Graph theory, Discrete mathematics, Discrete geometry, Geometry, Teacher trainings, Teaching material development, Mathematical science

Study Fields

Information science
Information engineering

For Society

The graph theory is applied to things around us, for example, the allotment of frequencies to mobile phones and the optimization of algorithms for car navigation systems.

Research Themes