Mobile Multimedia Communications Laboratory

Aiming to create human-friendly ecology for information communications

We research information communications in order to realize a ubiquitous computing ecology that would allow people to access information anytime and anywhere, without being conscious about the presence of a computer. Our ultimate goal is to build a highly satisfactory, intelligent information communication system, which is capable of freeing users from the necessity of conducting complicated PC operations and executing jobs in accordance with user demands in a timely and accurate manner. For example, we will explore ways to build a context-aware system that uses sensors to obtain users’ biological information and other data surrounding them in addition to estimating and providing the information and services that users want.
College of Engineering
Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name
Academic Society
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Information Processing Society of Japan
IEEE Computer Society
Intelligent information systems,Information networks,User satisfaction,Artificial intelligence,Human engineering,Affective engineering,Mobile,Human interfaces,Human interactions

Study Fields

Information engineering
Information science
Information communication engineering
Communication engineering
Media engineering


For Society

We conduct research on technologies for realizing value-added services in the fields of next-generation intelligent information communication systems and multimedia systems. Many graduates of our laboratory, who have gone on to pursue post-graduate level education or gotten jobs in major companies related to information communications, are doing outstanding work now.

Research Themes