Intelligent System Laboratory

Make computers learn

The Intelligent System Laboratory is conducting research on artificial intelligence, with a focus on machine learning in order to make computers acquire learning ability and application of machine learning methods such as web mining and media processing. In web mining, we are analyzing blog data to predict the trends of the near future, while in media processing, we are reconstructing three-dimensional data from two-dimensional images (or photographs) through machine learning.
College of Engineering Electrical Engineering
Faculty Name YASUMURA, Yoshiaki
Academic Society The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
Information Processing Society of Japan
Keyword Artificial intelligence, Language processing, Machine learning, Internet, Image recognition, Information search, Data analyses, Multimedia

Study Fields

For Society

Even at present, the learning ability of computers has practical application in the society, such as in the filtering of emails and facial recognition of people in pictures. Our laboratory aims to apply the technology in conducting the analysis of social trends and reconstructing three-dimensional data from two dimensional images through machine learning.

Research Themes