Robot Task & System Laboratory

Aiming to create an ordinary life that coexists with robots

The emergence of skillful and intelligent robots capable of doing the work for humans has been a much anticipated trump card to address the labor shortage in a graying society with low birth rates. Therefore, our laboratory is trying to materialize highly capable robots that can carry out the assigned work in places ranging from factories and facilities to the household, while flexibly responding to changing environments and situations.
Affiliation Electrical Engineering
Faculty Name YOSHIMI, Takashi
Academic Society The Robotics Society of Japan
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Keyword Robots, Production systems, Disaster responses, Livelihood support, Mechatronics, Remote control

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For Society 

Our laboratory is conducting research on elemental and system build-up technologies in order to materialize highly functional and practical robots. These technologies can develop robots that are capable of doing fine jobs for both the industry and the household.

Research Themes