Lowtemperaturephysics Laboratory

Exploring a new ground state with the control of fluctuations inside substances

Low temperature physics is an academic field aimed at studying the electric and magnetic states inside a substance by lowering the temperature to that of liquid helium (4.2K) or so and erasing noises caused by thermal oscillation. Our laboratory studies the behaviors of substances that exhibit large magnetic fluctuations – a phenomenon known as “quantum spin magnetism” – by subjecting them to a strong magnetic field or extremely low temperatures. We aim to find new states of substances and examine how such states occur.
Affiliation Electrical Engineering
Faculty Name SUZUKI, Takao
Academic Society The Physical Society of Japan
Society of Muon and Meson Science of Japan
Keyword Condensed matter physics, Magnetic materials, Quantum physics

Study Fields

Applied physics

For Society

Condensed matter physics is a field of basic research, but it has no boundaries with materials sciences. Superconductivity was applied to the superconductor magnet about 50 years after it was discovered. We hope that the basic physics we study now will lead to engineering applications.

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