Space Robot System Laboratory

Seeking robots that can be useful in environments where people cannot go

Robotics and dynamics are the keywords we use in our research on space robots, aeronautical robots and surgical simulators. For space robots, we plan to propose a system that takes the characteristics of space environments into account. For aeronautical robots, we are developing machines that can fly in unprecedented ways and can maneuver through narrow spaces. We are also conducting new research into a surgical simulator that uses an encounter-type haptic display.

Affiliation Electrical Engineering
Faculty Name ABIKO, Satoko
Academic Society IEEE
The Robotics Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Keyword Space robotics, Flying robots, Encounter-type haptic devices, Space, Motion control, Aerospace engineering, Control systems

Study Fields

For Society

We are researching the underlying technologies and systems for robots that would be useful in dangerous places and extreme environments that are off limits to humans.

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