Applied Electric Appliance System Laboratory

Developing energy-saving technologies for everything from home appliances to next-generation automobiles

We are conducting research focusing on power electronics with the aim to conserve the energy of home appliances, electric vehicles and trains. To this end, we aim to examine various factors, including electrical and electronic circuits (such as inverters), electrical equipment (such as motors), automated control (such as digital control) and technologies to install circuits (such as the modularization of circuits).
Affiliation Electrical Engineering
Faculty Name SAITO, Makoto
Academic Society The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
The Japan Institute of Power Electronics
Keyword Low energy consumption technologies, Power electronics, Energy conversion

Study Fields

Electrical engineering

For Society

The results produced in the field of study, which our laboratory works on, are used for almost all electrical equipment and devices, whether home appliances, automobiles, trains or power generation, in order to help them be more functionalized and energy saving. In fact, a system developed in our laboratory was sold and used in electrical power and railway companies.

Research Themes