Electro-Mechanical Systems Laboratory

Using sounds for the betterment of society

Sounds and vibrations are used not only to transmit information but also in a wide range of areas such as measuring underwater distances to pinpoint the location of moving objects using vibrations and friction. Our laboratory conducts research on devices and systems that can be applied to communication through sounds and vibrations, their measurements and their use for dynamic force. We design and produce circuits, software programs and systems and conduct simulations with them with the aim of contributing to society.
Affiliation Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name KOIKE, Yoshikazu
Academic Society Acoustical Society of Japan
Marine Acoustics Society of Japan
Japan Association for Fire Science and Engineering
Keyword Ultrasound, GPS (Global Positioning System), Inertial navigation method, Acoustic, Sensors

Study Fields

For Society

We conduct research on the applications of sound waves in dynamic force, measurements and communication, which will be useful to society. Moreover, we research underwater observation and positioning technologies with the aim of developing an observation device that can contribute to Japan’s marine resource development.

Research Themes