Biomedical Electronics Laboratory

Invitation to neuroengineering: Measuring and learning from the brain

We conduct research to unravel the mechanisms of brain functions by measuring brain activities via electroencephalography and measuring cerebral blood flows. Moreover, we conduct research on brain-computer interface (BCI), a technology that bridges the brain with the outside world, by detecting people’s intentions from measured brain activities and directly encouraging the brain to learn from external cues. BCI will make possible a world in which people can manipulate machines by thinking about what they want them to do.

College of Engineering Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name KANOH, Shinichiro
Academic Society IEEE
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
Keyword BCI (Brain-computer interface), Neuroengineering, Brain science, Medical technology, Measurement technologies, Signal processing, Biological information, Brain function measurements

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For Society

The technology to estimate people’s physical conditions from biological signals has attracted attention as a means of realizing biological sensing such as in communicating with patients with limb paralysis and preventing drivers from being involved in traffic accidents.

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