Image Processingand Robotics Laboratory

Innovative technologies to realize people’s happiness with image processing and robots

Our laboratory is conducting research to make the lives of disaster victims, those in need of nursing care and those requiring help comfortable and enriched using robots and imaging-processing technologies. Specifically, we study ways to rapidly search for victims in a disaster-hit area with the use of flying robots, to automatically identify abnormal behaviors of people living at nursing care facilities with the use of image recognition processing and to ensure the comfortable and automated driving of wheelchairs. Our students are enjoying pursuing their research while also using freewheeling thinking.
Affiliation Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name PREMACHANDRA, Chinthaka
Academic Society IEEE
Keyword Mobile robots, Flying robots, Image processing

Study Fields

For Society

Our laboratory mainly aims at technological innovation related to the support of disaster victims, the handicapped and elderly through the use of robots and image-processing technologies. We put our efforts into research, believing that all of our studies will benefit society.

Research Themes