Functional Materials ScienceLaboratory

Creating a convenient society with functions that materials have

Our laboratory focuses on the various functions of materials utilized to produce new devices and components. We specifically conduct experiments on nonvolatile memories using ferroelectrics, which have a spontaneous electric polarization that.
Affiliation Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name YAMAGUCHI, Masaki
Academic Society The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Keyword Ceramics, LSI (Large-scale integrated circuits), Nanotechnologies

Study Fields

For Society

The results of our research will be used to create prepaid IC cards that allow you to pass through the ticket gate without placing it on the sensor – a convenient feature when you have luggage in both hands. They will also be used for floors that can generate electricity from the vibrations created when people walk, mobile phones that can charge their batteries when they are carried by hand and other products closely linked to people’s daily lives.

Research Themes