Nanoelectronics Laboratory

Creating new devices by making goods at the atomic level

Electronic devices such as ICs and power semiconductors play important roles in artificial intelligence, mobile phones and other essential items around us. These devices are made of various electronic materials. Our laboratory is making an attempt to produce devices that are eco-friendly by researching the properties and production methods of electronic materials at the atom level. We are actively conducting joint research projects with companies working on national projects and making presentations at academic conferences.
Affiliation Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name UENO, Kazuyoshi
Academic Society The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Keyword Nanotechnology, Nanocarbon, Low-carbon society, LSI (Large-scale integrated circuit), Next-generation semiconductors, Integrated circuits, New materials, Low energy consumption technologies, Membranes

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For Society

Nanocarbon materials, which are light and strong and have good electricity conductivity, have attracted attention as a next-generation electronic material. Using nanocarbon materials can downsize electronic devices and reduce their power consumption, helping realize a smart society through low emissions of carbon dioxide and the use of the internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Research Themes