Tourism & Language Information Laboratory

Contributing to community by analyzing and using tourism information

It is an urgent task for Japan to conduct dynamic surveys on foreigners visiting the country and help make their stay more comfortable at a time when it is attempting to establish itself as an attractive tourist destination and make tourism one of its thriving industries. Our laboratory analyzes reviews posted by foreign tourists about their trips to Japan and researches effective ways to create multilingual websites and promote tourism destinations to foreigners. Moreover, we are developing a tourism promotion system that uses language information and bicycles to inform as many as foreigners as possible about the attractions of tourist destinations across the country.

Affiliation Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name MURAKAMI, Kayoko
Academic Society Society for Tourism Informatics
International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism(IFITT)
The Japan Association of College English Teachers
Keyword Regional revitalization, Data analyses, Tourism, Analyses of English, English education

Study Fields

For Society

It is necessary for Japan to encourage visiting foreigners to spend more and boost regional revenues from tourism as its society grays and continues to have a low birthrate. The research results of our laboratory will contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy.

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