Software Engineering Laboratory

Software engineering through the creation of systems of the future

There has been a decline in the number of cases where software is made from scratch. Instead, software is increasingly made using existing major software (maintained by a small number of people) or by combining open source software and software already available on the market. As a result, new types of systems, such as those using machine-to-machine/IoT technologies fusing embedded and information systems, have been introduced. We conduct research on technologies to develop software, which is becoming ever diversifying and complicated, by analyzing requirements efficiently and at high quality as well as designing, building, and verifying software.
Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
NAKAJIMA, Tsuyoshi
Academic Society
IEEE Computer Society
Information Processing Society of Japan
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Software, Design, Modeling, Model-based engineering, Definition and analysis of demands, Project management, Tests, Quality management, IoT (internet of things)

Study Fields

Information engineering
Software engineering

For Society

Software is embedded not only in the information systems in companies but in many kinds of products, such as automobiles and home appliances. Software developers are earnestly tackling software engineering to improve its quality and productivity.

Research Themes