Language Processing Laboratory

Aiming to make computers capable understanding languages

Our laboratory aims to allow people – from children to the elderly – to receive the benefit of information technologies by developing technologies for accessing and operating the computer just with ordinary words spoken to it, like talking to your friend. To this end, we are conducting basic research on technologies to express and infer the structure of languages and the system of meanings, while applying them to develop a natural language processing system.
Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name
Academic Society
Information Processing Society of Japan
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
The Association for Natural Language Processing
Language processing, Artificial intelligence, Software, Machine learning, Information search, Programing, Human interfaces

Study Fields

Information engineering
Intelligent informatics

For Society

The results of our research will make it possible to give instructions to computers, information-related home appliances, and robots in colloquial Japanese, in addition to allowing the search of diverse information on the internet easily and accurately.

Research Themes