Computer Mediated Communication Laboratory

Making enjoyable, fulfilling communications

How should we communicate to understand each other? We aim to realize ultra-realistic communications via computer, which eclipse face-to-face ones, by only stressing on the information necessary to convey one’s feelings, while reducing unnecessary information. We will develop sophisticated communication assistance tools, which are more fun, fulfilling and effective and can accommodate each speaker’s purposes and situations.
Affiliation Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name YONEMURA, Shunichi
Academic Society The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Human Interface Society
Keyword Human interfaces,  Multimedia, CMC (computer-mediated communication), Acoustic, Handicapped, Human engineering, Universal designs

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For Society

We are engaged in research on communication assistance for people with limited access to information at a time of a disaster. Additionally, we conduct research on the ways to ensure the provision of information to handicapped people when they are taking a trip. We conduct these studies as joint research projects with outside institutions and other universities.

Research Themes