Computer Architecture Laboratory

Developing energy-saving chips that are key for next generation computers

The development of latest computer chips with a higher performance has hit a snag, as they consume too much electricity. A key to solve this deadlock is developing a technology to effectively lower the energy consumption of computer chips. At our laboratory, we design chips and research technologies to save energy that use the best method to process information inside a computer chip.
Affiliation Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name USAMI, Kimiyoshi
Academic Society Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Association for Computing Machinery
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Keyword Clean energy, Integrated circuits, Low-energy consumption technologies, LSI (Large-scale integrated circuits)

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For Society

We think that the energy-saving technologies we are researching will be used for devices ranging from mobile phones and sensor nodes to medical devices in the future. Our graduates are doing outstandingly at major electrical manufacturers, precision machinery makers, etc.

Research Themes