Programming Language Research Group

Trying to improve the efficiency of computer programing

We conduct research on systems that support computer programing from various aspects. In particular, we are aiming at building a system that allows highly reliable, efficient program making by using the results of basic research on program conversions and programing languages, such as type theory. In the last few years, we have proposed, or made for practical use, new methods with clear specifications in order to realize basic functions that support the development of programs and complement identifiers and syntaxes.
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Affiliation Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name SASANO, Isao
Academic Society Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
Information Processing Society of Japan
Keyword Programming, Software, Algorithms

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Functions, such as one to complement variable names, in Eclipse and other integrated development environments have been made available for practical use. We believe that such basic functions will be provided after backing it up with solid theoretical grounds.

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