Research Lab on Technology and Society

Engineering for connecting technologies with society from societal perspectives

It is important for engineering to be connected with society. It is commendable if the technologies that you have developed are used in society, enriching the life of many people and making them happy. To that end, it is essential to know how technologies are used in society, how they have impacted society and, at a time, examine them calmly from social perspectives. Our laboratory has been conducting research mainly on how information and other technologies relate to society through the use of social scientific approaches.
Affiliation Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki
Academic Society The Society of Socio-Informatics
The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research
The City Planning Institute of Japan
The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Keyword Information-based society, People-friendly technologies, Elderly/handicapped, Landscape, Visual information processing, Regional revitalization, Virtual reality, Universal designs

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For Society

Our research themes include information technologies and soft services, which are easy to use for the handicapped and the ever-increasing elderly populace, and studies on how a public space should be. We have been thinking about these themes from the perspectives of various fields, such as information, architecture, electricity and machinery.

Research Themes